From the very beginning and growing up in the village, I always saw and could feel, females not being taken up seriously. This made me wonder, though they being the house runner and care taker for everyone in the family, why are they not taken up seriously.. Kept me wondering

After my graduation and having seen the world, I wanted to work for females and the rural population but in a non- traditional way and got WDAC registered. By the time I passed my MBA and working with the corporate, I realized it has to have a technological and knowledge based interventions as a tool at the grass root level.

I left the corporate job and took up WDAC full time and before I wanted to start something, I traveled in the villages extensively and realized that there are lots of capacity building and vocational skills available to them, but nothing that would help them connect with the global world or some technical skills that would help them to search for information themselves and also some skills that would not fade away.

Having travelled extensively, meet more than 200 grassroots entrepreneurs, discussed with more than 100 entrepreneurs in the cities and trained more than 1000 youth, who are tiny in nature, operations and had limited access to the knowledge economy when it came to the rural entrepreneurs, I could draw an insight together that there they are no less than anybody else when it comes to product and indigenous knowledge but they are really poor at handling the barriers to the market such as access to the existing resources available from the different supporting organization, designing market relevant product, branding, promotion, pricing and contingency planning, communication and few other critical aspects.