About us

WDAC works both for empowerment of the individual and the community. The main purpose of WDAC as its name also highlights was women empowerment but in order to respect the social structure WDAC also includes boys and men in it programs because it understands that development of any individual or a community can’t happen in isolation or segregation hence programs have to inclusive but still goal is clear that it we would never undertake a project or program which directly or indirectly doesn’t contribute to women empowerment.

Our Workflow

WDAC “connects” with people at the ground level to understand their needs and problems, “inspires” them to grow in life and “empowers” them with their various knowledge based interventions.


All the programs and projects are based on various knowledge based interventions that have been identified to be relevant at the local level through extensive field work. All the programs can be classified in four broad categories, although in case of some projects these categories overlap.

The programs are designed to create economic opportunities for the underprivileged community.
We also provide trainings that enhance the underprivileged capabilities to better compete in the job market.
We foster social entrepreneurship through knowledge transfer and capacity building workshop to all our stakeholders.
We work for relief and rehabilitation of those affected by natural calamities.

Improving Lives one at a time

Want to collaborate?

We are eagerly looking for new partnership and passionate team members who can help us achieve our goals. We welcome you onboard in our mission to co create economic sustainability in the community we work.