Co-creating economic sustainability through knowledge based intervention.


WDAC is a social enterprise that enables sustainable livelihoods for disadvantaged men, women and youth in urban and rural areas. Our three-pronged engine integrates social and business impact by bridging the gaps in Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship. Learn more. 


WDAC is uniquely poised to create social impact while delivering business value to all stakeholders of the livelihood eco-system. Our solutions are powered by our combined capabilities in employability and entrepreneurship, capacity building, project implementation and impact consulting. Primarily targeted at the corporates, schools, individual and government, our solution stack is backed by our experience and expertise in diverse sectors allowing us to address social issues both nationally and internationally.





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Our Story

From the very beginning and growing up in the village, I always saw and could feel, females not being taken up seriously. This made me wonder, though they being the house runner and care taker for everyone in the family, why are they not taken up seriously.. Kept me wondering

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Our Presence


Government of Nepal
Government of Nepal – Department of Industry

Youth Leader Entrepreneurship Forum
Youth Leader Entrepreneurship Forum